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Cookies are temporary text files that your computer, tablet or smartphone saves when you visit our website. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit. We use two variants: functional and analytical cookies.

Functional cookies

To make our website work optimally, we use functional cookies. This saves whether you have already seen the cookie message and that functionalities of the programming language can be used.

Name cookie: PHPSESSID
Maximum storage period: Session
Posted by: hapmh.nl
Objective: Mogelijk maken van de uitvoering van bepaalde PHP functies in de website. Deze informatie delen we niet met derden.

Name cookie: cookiemelding
Maximum storage period: 1 month
Posted by: haph.nl
Objective: Met deze cookie houden we bij of je de cookiemelding al een keer hebt gezien. Deze informatie delen we niet met derden.

Analytical cookies

With analytical cookies we anonymously collect information about the use of our website and we see which information visitors find useful or redundant.

Name cookie: _ga
Maximum storage period: 2 years
Posted by: Google
Objective: Via deze cookies analyseren we activiteiten op onze website zodat we onze website kunnen verbeteren. Deze informatie delen we anoniem met Google.

Name cookie: _gat_gtag_UA-*, _gid
Maximum storage period: 1 day
Posted by: Google
Objective: Through these cookies we analyze activities on our website so that we can improve our website. We share this information anonymously with Google.

Remove and disable cookies

After the expiration date, cookies will be automatically removed from your computer. It is possible to manually delete cookies at an earlier time or to deactivate the storage of cookies on your computer. You do this via the settings of your browser. Select the help function of your browser (the F1 button on your keyboard) or view the help pages of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari to see how this works.

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