Working method iconworking method

On the telephone

The doctor's assistant will ask you about your personal details and the nature of your problem/symptoms. On the basis of the information you provide, the doctor's assistant will determine whether:

  • you are given advice by the doctor's assistant or the GP on duty on how to care for yourself,
  • you are asked to come to the GP Medical Post for an appointment with a doctor,
  • a GP will come to your home,
  • you will be referred to another acute care provider, such as a dentist or a specialist in the hospital.

At the GP Medical Post

If you are given an appointment at the GP Medical Post, we ask you to be present at the agreed time. You will be helped in a treatment room or in a consultation room. This depends on the type of your request for help. A separate consultation hour applies to both rooms. It is possible that a patient who has arrived later will be treated earlier.

We ask you to take along:

  • your ID,
  • your insurance card and
  • an up-to-date overview of the medicines you use

Medical examination

  • You will be examined by a GP, a Physician Assisent, or a specialized Nurse. He/she will give you medical advice and/or treatment and/or refer you for further research.
  • If medicines are prescribed, you can pick them up at the pharmacy on duty. More information under pharmacy.

The GP visits you at home

In order to inform the GP as well as possible during a home visit, it is important that you have an up-to-date overview of your medication ready.

After your contact to the GP Medical Post

A summary of your contact or visit will be sent to your own doctor in order to inform him/her exactly about your request voor help and what has been done about it. More information can be found under privacy policy.


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